What Are the Must-Have Items for a Glamping Trip?

What Are the Must-Have Items for a Glamping Trip?

Escape the Ordinary: Experience Luxury Glamping with Boho Bell Tents

Imagine this: Late June, and the golden glow of the sun is setting against the canvas of your bell tent, a crisp countryside breeze and a crackling fire pit nearby. This idyllic scene captures a perfect fire-pit glamping experience. 

Your summer starts here! This guide unveils the secrets to crafting a luxury fire-pit glamping getaway, combining comfort, style, and unforgettable ambiance.

Setting the Stage: What you’ll need

  • Luxury Bell Tent: Crafted with premium materials and designed for comfort and style, Boho Bell Tents will elevate your camping experience. We believe luxury shouldn't compromise on quality. That's why our bell tents, ranging from cosy 3m to expansive 7m, are built to last in any weather.
  • Seating: Colourful folding chairs or bean bags positioned around the fire pit to create a comfortable seating area all day long.
  • Lighting: Fairy lights strung around the fire pit area or lanterns add a touch of magic after dark. 
  • Ambiance: Woven throws, decorative cushions, and a small side table for mugs filled with hot chocolate will elevate that glamping feel. Citronella candles or insect repellent are a must for the summer evenings.

A fire pit is the centrepiece of your glamping experience.

It's an invitation to gather, unwind, and connect with nature. Find a flat, open area away from trees and tents, and check campsite rules and local fire regulations for any restrictions. Here’s what you’ll need

  • Fire Starter: Ditch the lighter fluid! Opt for natural firelighters or kindling for a safer and more eco-friendly way to get your fire going.
  • Firewood: Choose seasoned hardwood logs for a long-lasting, clean-burning fire. Or take a walk into the woods and grab any dry wood you can. They'll keep you warm for longer and produce less smoke. 
  • Fire Extinguisher: Safety first! Having a small fire extinguisher readily available near your fire pit is crucial. Check with your campsite to see if they have one available on site as well.

A fire pit provides the perfect setting for a range of glamping activities: What is camping without s’mores? Make sure to bring your marshmallows and chocolate biscuits. Keep a few sticks aside, and get roasting over the crackling fire. 

For when the temperature drops, pack warm blankets for everyone to remain cosy by the firepit. This is the perfect time for stargazing.

Unforgettable memories await, by following these tips and adding your own personal touch, you can create a fire-pit glamping experience you won't forget. So, gather your loved ones, light the fire, and embrace the magic of the outdoors under the canvas roof of your luxurious Boho bell tent. 

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